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How do I pay my booking?

All trips booked through Lanes & Planes are paid directly by direct debit.

This payment method has the benefit that each individual travel service booked via L&P is debited directly from the company account and you do not have to pay in advance with your own credit card or with your company credit card.

The advantage for your financial accounting department is that invoice verification is easier and quicker, as there is no longer any need to request receipts (the receipts are automatically stored in Lanes & Planes and can be viewed and downloaded by the accounting department). The receipts are already prepared for the travel expense report.

You have the possibility to fill out a corporate direct debit mandate (preferred) or a SEPA basic mandate. With the SEPA Basic Mandate, your accounting department has the security of being able to object to the direct debit for up to 8 weeks.

Payment by collective invoice is also possible, just contact us.

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