Add expenses and receipts to an existing travel booking

Lanes & Planes offers you the option of uploading all receipts for expenses and out-of-pocket expenses incurred during the trip directly into the system. These can be uploaded via the Lanes & Planes Mobile App (available for iOS, Android and Huawei), the digital trip companion for all your business trips, by means of a mobile phone photo or as a scan via the desktop version.

After the end of your business trip you can send all registered receipts directly to your manager and the accounting department by clicking on "Submit for approval" from the first day after the end of your trip. They can then check and approve them directly in the system.

Would you like to submit your expense report without a trip? Click here.

This is how it works in the desktop version:

Under "Bookings & Tickets" select the trip to which you want to add additional receipts and expenses.


Below the trip details you will find the expenses feature.

Select your receipt type here and click on "Create".


As soon as you click on this field, you will be redirected to the receipt creation page.

Fill in the mandatory tax fields and answer the questions that are triggered for the document type. 

Here you also upload the receipt file in .pdf or jpg format. Then click on "Save".

In this way, you can enter all receipts for your trip. 


This is how it works with the Lanes & Planes Mobile App:

Log in to the Lanes & Planes App with your e-mail and password.

Via the "Trips" tab at the bottom left you can access the "My Trips" overview and click on the desired trip to which a receipt should be added. Now click on the blue "+" sign at the bottom right to add a receipt.



This view will then open:


Click on the green "Expense" icon. You will now be forwarded to the overview of the receipt types. 


As soon as you have selected your receipt category, whether a new photo is to be created or an existing photo is to be used.

In the following steps, enter the minimum tax information on the document and confirm each time with "Continue". In the last step, confirm by clicking the "Finish" button.

You have now successfully entered your receipt via the Lanes & Planes Mobile App and assigned it to the relevant trip.   


You do not have the Digital Travel Companion yet?

You can download the Lanes & Planes Mobile App at any time via the Play Store or App Store and log in with your user name and password. 


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