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Create, assign, edit and delete cost centers

Cost units can be managed analogue to the following description.


As an administrator you have the option to create cost centers, to edit them or even to delete them.

An assignment to users is also possible.

1. Create cost centers 

Do you want to create new cost centers? Then go to the "Company Account" - "Settings & Policies". 


You are now in "Company-wide settings and policies". Click "Manage cost centers" to get to your cost centers.


In the upper right corner, you will find the "New" button. You can use this to create new cost centers and then assign them to all users or assign them to individual users in the user account.


You can also find more information on this in the following video:


2. Assign/remove cost centers to/from users

If you want to assign cost centers to a user, you can do this directly via the user management page.

To do this, go to your "Company account" - "Users", select the appropriate user and click on "Edit".



Now you can add more cost centers to your user in the "Cost centers" section.


If you want to assign all cost centers to all users or remove all cost centers from all users, you can do this in "Company-wide settings and policies", via the button "Manage cost centers".

There you will find "Assign all cost centers to all users" and "Remove all cost centers from all users".


3. Edit cost centers

To edit cost centers, also go to "Company-wide settings and policies" - "Manage cost centers".

By clicking on the cost center you want to change, you have the option to adjust/correct the name.

4. Delete cost centers

Additionally, you have the possibility to delete cost centers. This can also be found in "Company-wide settings and policies" - "Manage cost centers".

As a first step, please remove the cost centers from all users (see point 2). Then click on "Delete" to remove the cost center from the system.


If you have any questions about this, please feel free to contact our support team at

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