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Expense receipt review and approval with our functionality 'reconciliation'

With our "Reconciliation" feature, you can now check and correct expense receipts using a designated overview.

The review of the receipts can be divided into a specialist review (e.g. accounting) and an objective check (e.g. supervisor).

The specialist review occurs in the designated "reconciliation" area in the company account. Here, the reviewer will find a list of all open receipts that were submitted for approval. The reviewer can access the receipts and if necessary adjust them before approving or disputing them (see screenshot).




The auditor can access the individual documents and, if desired, rework, approve or reject them:



In case you have implemented a dual review process for expense receipts, the manager can check the receipts in the same way as before. The specialist review and the objective checks occur independently of each other. Only those receipts, which have been approved by both parties, will enter into the accounting overview. 

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