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Why differs the price in my booking from the price on the bill?

It could be that the price in your booking differs from the price on the bill. The reasons can be different and have to be checked by the Lanes & Planes Team.

Some reasons can be the following ones:

  • The amount of nights has been changed (extended or shortened).
  • The traveller has used the parking space.
  • The breakfast has been booked directly at the hotel or been cancelled.

In some cases, the price of the overnight stay can be different:

  • Currency fluctuations: Lanes & Planes always shows foreign currency amounts in Euro to daily rates. Therefore, the currency amount can change between the day of booking and the day of payment.
  • Different calculations of currency courses: Lanes & Planes gets the exchange rates for foreign currency amounts from the hotel partner. These can differ from the rates of the hotel.
  • Exchange rates can also arise for hotels within the eurozone (very seldom). To get you the best hotel rates Lanes & Planes works with different, worldwide acting hotel providers . This can cause that some hotels will be bought with a foreign currency.

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