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Reclaim paid VAT (domestic and foreign countries)

Reclaim VAT incurred abroad with Lanes & Planes - without additional effort!

According to the VDR business travel analysis of 2020, 15% of all business trips of small and medium-sized enterprises based in Germany are made abroad. For the largest companies, as much as 34% of all trips are made abroad. With VAT rates of up to 25%, much money remains abroad. Through our partnership with VAT IT you now have the possibility to **have your abroad paid VAT refunded** (EU as well as non-EU countries).

Thus 3-4% savings on the total, direct travel costs are possible.

For direct L&P bookings:

Hotel bookings and car rentals abroad are also subject to very high VAT rates. You can now simply reclaim them via Lanes & Planes!

For all additional expenses:

Also for any additional expenses incurred at e.g. business meals, cab rides or fuel bills that were not booked directly through Lanes & Planes, you can reclaim the VAT!



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