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Possibility to map an advance

The most practical solution to map an advance within a company is the following:

  1. Employees who have to travel are paid an advance once (e.g. with the employment contract), e.g. 500 €. This is also fixed in writing and the employee must pay back the complete 500 € when leaving the company.
  2. When the employee travels, he does not enter "Paid by company" in the expenses, but by the traveler privately.
  3. We then transfer the accounts payable account of the person who caused the expense and the company pays the employee back the amount (e.g. with the next pay slip).

This procedure has the great advantage:

  1. The traveler does not have to lay out any amount
  2. The accounting department does not have to hurry so much with the reimbursement of expenses, because the employee has not paid in advance.
  3. One can also pay out several expenses bundled with it, as long as the (here) 500 € are not exceeded, since otherwise the employee would go nevertheless into advance payment.

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